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We’re letting it go…

jena and jen - the maven circle

We were working on levitra endurance'>levitra endurance our next podcast about streamlining your life. We were going to talk about clearing clutter, mentally and ordering viagra online physically, about choosing the things that are true priorities in your life, and letting go of things that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in order to create space to move forward with where you really want to be going. 

As we were working on tips and plans for the new podcast, Jena found herself feeling like a big fat sham, plotting out our next e-book about “how to streamline your life” at a desk surrounded by total clutter, piles everywhere, stretched thin with her hands stirring way too many pots, holding herself accountable to everyone but her own self, starting to sink into overwhelm and stuckness, again.

She thought, “Who am I to give anyone, ANYWHERE, advice on streamlining, organizing, or prioritizing when I SUCK at all of those things?” 

She asked Jen. “Well, I think sharing the truth of your story and how you’re still working on it is just as powerful as giving advice.” Jena felt soothed, stopped whining and got back to work. 

But before their next meeting together, as Jena was in the shower getting ready, running late and feeling guilty, she had a sudden awareness. “Shit. I need to practice what we preach. I need to streamline MY life. To do that, I know I have to let something go. I’ve taken on too much.” 

But what? 

Well friends, we’ve decided together, it’s The Maven Circle we’ve got to let go of. 

I think we were already feeling that choice, subconsciously, back when we took a break at the end of last year, but we weren’t ready to fully hear it yet. 

We decided to re-work, re-think, re-tool instead, because we were still attached, still too much in love with the idea of where it could go, not wanting to let go of something we LOVE and have SO MUCH FUN doing! 

But we also each have individual businesses and pursuits and goals that tended to get put on the viagra mexico back burner to our Maven Circle work, because we’re accountable to each other, but keeping up with our own ideas for ourselves isn’t always so easy. 

We realize, we need to start being accountable to ourselves, first. To start prioritizing our own health and desires now, in order to foster who we want to become in the future. We have to free up the time and energy from somewhere in order to use it to get where we envision ourselves in the future. And I guess it’s true that, when you really, really love something, you let it go.

But it’s just the brand we’re dropping, really. “The Maven Circle” name and the weight of the extra marketing, audience building, brainstorming, graphic design, website maintenance, time, energy, etc, it brings- that’s what we’re letting go of.   

We’re not dropping being friends, or working together, or creating lots of joint awesomeness together in the world. 

We realize now, as our individual brands and purposes are growing and becoming more and more clear to us, that we can still work together, in basically the same way

We will still offer our Catalyst Course e-course together. We still want to create the retreat of our dreams to invite you all to someday. We’ll still probably even make music and viagra 50 mg tablets'>viagra 50 mg tablets videos and podcasts together, it’ll just be as Jen Neitzel + Jena Coray, instead of as “The Maven Circle”. 

Yep, we’ve decided to more fully invest in just being… ourselves. 

We’re going to focus our energy on becoming the best selves we can be, because the more we take care of ourselves, and work to pursue our dreams, the more strength and truth and wisdom and experience we’ll have to bring to the table when we come together to offer our e-course again, and whatever other fun things the future holds! 

So, we’ll leave The Maven Circle site up until the domain expires on July 21st, if you’d like to viagra cialis peruse the archives of videos or awesome Truthy Tuesday guest posts before then. 

If you’d like to keep up with us from here on out (and we hope you do!), including what’s happening with our e-course in the future, you can find us here: You can sign up for Jen’s mailing list on link for you order viagra canada her site, which helps fellow women heal from the inside out, using food and fun as medicine and sharing her stories and struggles of reclaiming her life after being diagnosed with Celiac disease You can sign up for Jena’s mailing list on her site, which helps creative entrepreneurs grow their business from the inside out, offering tips and stories from her entrepreneurial life to shift both your marketing and mindset

Now all that’s left to say is, THANK YOU!

Thank you for being part of try it levitra online our community, for all the support you’ve given us, for reading and sharing and laughing at us and letting us into your lives. It means so much to us, and we sincerely hope that that part will NOT end, as we both have so much more awesomeness to bring into the usefull link buy viagra overnight world, and would love to see you around our personal websites in the future!

This is not goodbye, just a see you later.

XO Jena & Jen