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About The Maven Circle

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What’s a maven, exactly? Well, the dictionary definition is “expert”, and we believe that we’re ALL experts at something. We’re ALL here for a purpose. We ALL have a great path ahead of us to fulfill.

We believe we are all mavens in the act of becoming who we know we were meant to be.

And in striving to chase our deepest desires, face our fears and buying viagra take better care of ourselves, we are changing ourselves from the inside out, which in turn, will help change the world!

That’s right, the world. We’re thinking big here because it’s absolutely true that the shifts you create inside yourself radiate out to every other thing you’re connected to. And we’re all connected- by our humanness, our environment, our shared wants and needs.

We think the greatest thing you can do to impact the world in a positive way is to become who you really are, and share your true self with the world around you.

That’s much easier said, than done, of course, with so much to detract and distract us from our true selves along the way, confusing us about exactly who we are, what we want and what we’re capable of.

It’s a practice. A daily, sometimes moment-to-moment, re-commitment to ourselves to do the link for you cialis prescription best we can. To treat ourselves, and others, with more compassion and less judgement. To listen less to the mind gremlins that try to derail us, and more to our hearts and gut and what we really want. To believe in ourselves, encourage ourselves, give ourselves what we need.

It can be really difficult, which is exactly why we’re here- to share what we’ve learned along our journey’s so far, to help support and enter site viagra professional encourage you on yours.

So that’s what The Maven Circle is all about- creating a movement of people who are pursuing their truest selves, despite how scary that can be. A community of creative minds striving to find more peace, ease and happiness in everyday, sharing insight and experience on the inevitable struggles that come up along the way.

The Maven Circle is us + you, supporting each other to live our most awesome lives!

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