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Category Archives: Break-Through

Finding Freedom & Support With Kari Chapin & Eric Nixon – Maven Podcast

finding freedom

Last week we sat down with Kari Chapin and her husband Eric Nixon to talk about their lives, their freedoms and the ways in which they support one another.

Kari is the author of The Handmade Marketplace, Grow Your Handmade Business, and she has a felting book coming out this fall. In her free time (it’s hard to believe she has any) she helps other creatives write their own books and does other creative business consulting.

Eric is an author and poet. He has self-published his book, Emily Dickinson Superhero  Volume 1. Eric also helps his wife with her various business ventures.

Kari and Eric work together, from their home, balancing their personal and professional lives together. Both of them have a great deal of freedom in their day to day lives. In this podcast they share how they got there and the areas where they are still finding freedom.


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