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Category Archives: Care For Yo’self

We’re letting it go…

jena and jen - the maven circle

We were working on our next podcast about streamlining your life. We were going to talk about clearing clutter, mentally and canadian cialis physically, about choosing the things that are true priorities in your life, and letting go of things that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in order to create space to move forward with where you really want to be going. 

As we were working on tips and plans for the new podcast, Jena found herself feeling like a big fat sham, plotting out our next e-book about “how to streamline your life” at a desk surrounded by total clutter, piles everywhere, stretched thin with her hands stirring way too many pots, holding herself accountable to everyone but her own self, starting to sink into overwhelm and stuckness, again.

She thought, “Who am I to give anyone, ANYWHERE, advice on streamlining, organizing, or prioritizing when I SUCK at all of those things?” 

She asked Jen. “Well, I think sharing the canada viagra online truth of your story and how you’re still working on it is just as powerful as giving advice.” Jena felt soothed, stopped whining and got back to work. 

But before their next meeting together, as Jena was in the shower getting ready, running late and feeling guilty, she had a sudden awareness. “Shit. I need to practice what we preach. I need to streamline MY life. To do that, I know I have to let something go. I’ve taken on too much.” 

But what? 

Well friends, we’ve decided together, it’s The Maven Circle we’ve got to let go of. 

I think we were already feeling that choice, subconsciously, back when we took a break at the end of last year, but we weren’t ready to fully hear it yet. 

We decided to re-work, re-think, re-tool instead, because we were still attached, still too much in love with the idea of where it could go, not wanting to let go of something we LOVE and have SO MUCH FUN doing! 

But we also each have individual businesses and pursuits and goals that tended to get put on the back burner to our Maven Circle work, because we’re accountable to each other, but keeping up with our own ideas for ourselves isn’t always so easy. 

We realize, we need to start being accountable to ourselves, first. To start prioritizing our own health and desires now, in order to foster who we want to become in the future. We have to free up the time and energy from somewhere in order to use it to get where we envision ourselves in the future. And I guess it’s true that, when you really, really love something, you let it go.

But it’s just the brand we’re dropping, really. “The Maven Circle” name and the weight of the click now viagra online no prescription extra marketing, audience building, brainstorming, graphic design, website maintenance, time, energy, etc, it brings- that’s what we’re letting go of.   

We’re not dropping being friends, or working together, or creating lots of joint awesomeness together in the world. 

We realize now, as our individual brands and purposes are growing and becoming more and more clear to us, that we can still work together, in basically the same way

We will still offer our Catalyst Course e-course together. We still want to create the retreat of our dreams to invite you all to someday. We’ll still probably even make music and videos and podcasts together, it’ll just be as Jen Neitzel + Jena Coray, instead of viagra by mail as “The Maven Circle”. 

Yep, we’ve decided to more fully invest in just being… ourselves. 

We’re going to focus our energy on becoming the best selves we can be, because the more we take care of ourselves, and work to pursue our dreams, the more strength and truth and wisdom and experience we’ll have to bring to the table when we come together to offer our e-course again, and whatever other fun things the future holds! 

So, we’ll leave The Maven Circle site up until the search levitra'>search levitra domain expires on July 21st, if you’d like to peruse the archives of videos or awesome Truthy Tuesday guest posts before then. 

If you’d like to keep up with us from here on out (and we hope you do!), including what’s happening with our e-course in the future, you can find us here: You can sign up for Jen’s mailing list on her site, which helps fellow women heal from the inside out, using food and fun as medicine and sharing her stories and viagra 50 mg tablets'>viagra 50 mg tablets struggles of reclaiming her life after being diagnosed with Celiac disease You can sign up for Jena’s mailing list on her site, which helps creative entrepreneurs grow their business from the inside out, offering tips and stories from her entrepreneurial life to shift both your marketing and mindset

Now all that’s left to say is, THANK YOU!

Thank you for being part of our community, for all the support you’ve given us, for reading and sharing and laughing at us and letting us into your lives. It means so much to us, and we sincerely hope that that part will NOT end, as we both have so much more awesomeness to bring into the world, and would love to see you around our personal websites in the future!

This is not goodbye, just a see you later.

XO Jena & Jen

Detoxify Your Life : DIY & Natural Beauty

We’re ba-ack! Now in our new podcast format.

detoxify your life : the maven circle podcast



:48 Why did we decide to stop blogging regularly and switch to a monthly podcast format? And why did it take us so long to get back in the groove? All those questions are answered.

3:05 We get to the subject of today’s episode: detoxifying your beauty routine, sharing stories of our personal beauty journeys toward using more natural products, and making our own, and why we decided to make the switch.

19:01 We introduce The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, an e-book addendum to this podcast packed with additional resources and tips to help you dive deeper and start making changes in your own life- available for instant download for only $5 below!

20:51 We introduce So & So Says, a segment where we’ll offer advice to listeners, anonymously! We know a lot of we like it canadian pharmacy viagra stuff we cover can be difficult to open up about, so we wanted to create a way for you to comfortably get real and get some things off your chest, and receive some non-judgemental advice from us and the Maven Circle community.

22:08 Letters to our Former Selves. This is a segment where we’ll write letters to our selves at different points in time, offering advice and perspective on things we wish we had known then, in an effort to make peace with some of the ways we’ve been harsh on ourselves, or judged ourselves in the past.

  • This month, we open up about our struggles around beauty and self-worth in letters to our teenage selves. Hear Jen’s letter at 22:40 and Jena’s at 24:55.

200px-Five_foot_two_sheet_music_cover_25pc28:32 We’ll close each podcast with a song performed by us! Both of us love to play instruments and sing- Jen plays ukulele, Jena plays piano (that’s her playing the podcast transitions, too :) We record all of our music on our iPhones and send individual tracks back and forth, then Jen mixes them all together.

  • This month, we’re doing “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”, a really cute little ditty from the 20′s about a loveable, non-materialistic girl. We think we sound like juke joint ladies from a bygone era singing together- what do you think?

We hope you enjoy!



We’ll also have an informational supplement each month called The Maven’s Guide, a little e-book we put together for those of you who want to go further into the podcast subject. They’ll have additional resources, exercises, tips and more to help you get started making some awesome changes in your life, for just $5!

This month we have The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, packed with information to help you detoxify your daily beauty routine!

You’ll learn what to avoid in your beauty products, take a look at our personal beauty routines and wow)) buying cialis in canada the exact products we use and recommend, get our original DIY recipes for lip balm, lotion and deodorant that you can make right in your own kitchen, find resources on where to shop wisely for everything from the best brands that do truly have your well being in mind (there are some out there!) to where to source the visit web site buying viagra best supplies and recipes to make your own beauty goodies- and more!

Available for instant download for $5. BUY NOW.

The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty

buy now button

 And it’ll be delivered to your inbox, instantly.

The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty


We hope you enjoy the podcast & guide, and would love to hear what you think! Are you interested in detoxing your beauty routine more? What’s your first step going to be?

Why Play Matters, Even As a Grown Up :: Maven Podcast

why play matters

We think almost everyone would agree that playing is a great way for a child to learn, but we seem to forget that it’s also a great way for us to learn as adults, too.

It seems the older we get, the further most of us get away from playfulness.

Most of us are so busy with the day to day responsibilities in our lives that we forget that play is a mode of try it cialis samples self-care: it’s giving ourselves something we really need. It’s a way to restore balance back in our lives. It’s a way to connect with the right here and now awesomeness of life.

In this podcast we discuss the importance of remaining playful in our lives. We share our personal stories and experiences with play, as big ol’ silly grown-ups, and how it has brought benefits to our lives, and businesses, in a multitude of ways. Ready to play? Hit it! (transcript also below)

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How to Play & Getaway on the Cheap & Easy

jen neitzel

For years I didn’t take vacations. I thought I didn’t need them. That they were an indulgence I could live without.

I thought vacations were too expensive, required too much planning or were just unnecessary. But then I went on a cruise a few years ago in April, which is a particularly rainy time of the year here in Oregon and thought, “WOW!  I need more vacations in my life!”

I came home excited, inspired and feeling really enthusiastic about my life. It was such an ah-ha moment for me.

Ever since then I’ve been very pro vacation.

Palm Springs by Jen Neitzel

Vacation shot from my last vacation in Palm Springs.

The hard part about vacations is that they can still be very expensive and cialis cialis'>cialis cialis can take a lot of planning, so I thought today I’d focus on some vacations and getaways that won’t break the bank and don’t require that much advanced planning.

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Five Faves: Apps to Bring Balance Right to Your Fingertips

five faves apps for balance

Towards the end of each month we share five of our favorite things to UP the AWESOME in your life!

This week, we’re sharing five fave phone apps that help us balance our minds and bodies.

We thought it’d be a good way to round out our whole month on the topic of balance with some of the favorite apps we turn to when we need a little more calm, a little more health consciousness, or a little more thankfulness for where we’re at right in this moment.

It’s so awesome that we are living in an age where we literally have the tools right at our fingertips to help us start to move towards our centers and live more fulfilling lives.

In this Maven Minutes, we share five of our favorite phone apps to help us exercise our gratitude, our brains, our bodies and our life-balancing muscles! (transcript below):

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How To Balance Your Mood With Food

jen neitzel on balancing mood with food

jen neitzelYou know how some days you wake up and as the day gets rolling you realize you feel really discombobulated and cialis overnite unbalanced? This was my normal functioning level for a long time.

I was so busy. Running from project to project. Working so hard at trying to stay on top of everything that I missed the basic fact that I was falling apart. All aspects of my health were fading. My energy was gone. I was bloated all the time and although my stomach didn’t hurt, it didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I had a growing feeling that something was wrong.

I’d wake up in the morning utterly exhausted. I’d look in the mirror and see the enormous dark circles under my eyes and think, “What is wrong with me? Why do feel so depleted all the time?”

All I really wanted to do most of the time was lay down.

Fast forward to six months ago – through a series of tests I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Dum, dum, dum dum!

Since then I’ve learned so much about food and the mind/body connection, just as a way of healing my own body. In my case, I was sick with this disease for most of my life and eating tons of gluten. I actually craved it. I could eat it endlessly. It tasted so delicious that I just couldn’t get enough.

I never knew why I was so tired. I never understood how I could get sick so often, why I would stay sick for so long or why I had so many random symptoms and issues: asthma, aches, pains, brain fogs, clumsiness, anxiety, depression and more.

The good news is, I’ve got all of that under control now through my diet and I have insights that could be helpful to you too.

The thing that I’ve realized from this experience is that it’s possible, and even easy, not to realize how the food you eat affects you. It sounds crazy, I know, but this is exactly what happened to me!

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How Do You Balance Your Big Dreams With Everyday Life?

balancing your passions

“Is this all there is?” It’s a question that most of us have asked ourselves from time to time.

But the truth is, the question itself reveals many answers about what you may need in your life.

Finding balance is about more than balancing work and your personal life. It’s also about reaching your dreams and that means getting there one small act at a time, through busy, everyday life.

We all have deep curiosities that we want to pursue and when that curiosity grabs hold of you and won’t let go, we believe it’s a call from our deepest passions. But we don’t always make time to take action in the direction toward those passions. Our dreams get deferred to “someday” and then we’re left feeling unbalanced and longing for something else.

Until one day you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” This is the rally cry from your inner self begging you to grow into the you you’re “supposed” to be and not the one that you think you “should” be.

So how can we create space in our everyday lives for those deep curiosities, big dreams and passions?

We share 3 important tips to help make it easier in this Maven Minutes video (transcript below):

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Maven Podcast :: Why You Feel So Unbalanced & How To Fix It

maven circle podcast on finding balance

You know that feeling when you realize your life is a little off balance? It happens to all of us at some point.

Maybe you’ve got a great home life, and some really supportive, good friends, but there are still things out of balance- your laundry pile that’s overflowing, or worrying about that hard conversation with someone you’re dreading having, or maybe you haven’t even started on your taxes yet this year! (please, tell us that’s not just us? ;)

Individually, they don’t look like much, but when we let these things that can throw us out of whack start to pile up, and pile up, they start to tip the scales leaving us feeling totally unbalanced – again.

It’s a cycle we’ve all been through and most of us will experience it many, many times.

Today, we’re sharing our personal experiences with feeling unbalanced and how to recognize it- from raging hormones and woman and viagra'>woman and viagra stress in our bodies, to our thoughts moving so fast it’s hard to think clearly. And we share our tips and tricks on how we’ve been able to start bringing more balance back into our lives, and how you can too!

A couple of really important aspects to finding balance are: 1.) To identify when you’re becoming off balance and 2.) Once you realize it, to ask yourself, “What do I need?” and then, to the best of your ability, give that to yourself.

Listen to our podcast below to learn more about how to shift in the direction of balance and hear some of our personal struggles, tips and triumphs with balance!

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Can you really ever find balance?

can you really find balance?

jena floating headWe all strive for it, are yearning for it- to find balance in our lives.

We want balance between our work life and personal life, between caring for others and caring for ourselves, between being overwhelmingly busy and mind-numbingly bored… it seems like most of us are endlessly searching for a stable resting place between the inner tug-of-wars we have in life.

So how can you finally get to that place of balance, once and for all?

Short answer: you can’t. I know, because I’ve been looking for a loooong time.

I think every major struggle I’ve had in life comes down to wanting to attain that sense of balance.

Over the 30 years of my existence so far, I’ve been trying to find a happy middle ground between some major internal conflicts… Struggles with self-identity and individualism and so wanting to be seen and heard, while at the same time wanting to be liked and accepted and feeling afraid to express myself and my thoughts. Struggles with being a crazy perfectionist over-achiever endlessly looking for that thing I could accomplish that would finally make me feel worthwhile, while also trying to laugh and love and play and maintain some semblance of a life.

I think, in our minds, we have an idea that balance = totally rocking being a great partner, friend, parent, workerbee, community member, citizen of look there buy viagra nyc the world AND self, all at the same time.

“If only I could balance it all!” we cry, feeling guilty for all the loose ends and wow it's great generic levitra canada things left undone. Feeling desirous for all those things in life we still yearn to do, and envious of the people who seem to be out there doing ‘em. Feeling unsatisfied that we’re struggling in one (or more) of these areas in our life so that means we must be failing.

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Maven Minutes :: Trust your inner awesome, change the world!


What’s a maven exactly, and why do we call ourselves that? Well, the dictionary definition is “expert”, and we believe that we’re ALL experts at something. That we’re ALL here for a purpose. That we ALL have a great path ahead of us to fulfill.

We believe we are all mavens in the act of becoming who we truly want to be!

We’ll be talking about community & connection around here all March long, and we think the greatest thing you can do to impact your community in a positive way is to move toward what makes you happy, to trust yourself, and share your true self with the world.

So we’re starting a movement, Mavens! A movement of people who are committed to follow our dreams, to break through fear and obstacles, to find more presence, balance and fulfillment in everyday.

But it can’t be a movement without YOU.

So in this Maven Minutes, we share what it means, to us, to be a MAVEN and remind you that by changing yourself, you can truly help change the world!

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