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Category Archives: Maven Minutes

Five Faves: Maven Minutes to help you live an awesome life

five fave videos to help you live your dream life - The Maven Circle

It’s time for our Five Faves! Yay!

We’re taking the month of August off here on the blog to get ready for the Sept launch of our Catalyst Course (we’re making it even awesomer!), to do we choice levitra 20 mg some housekeeping behind the scenes of the website, and we have some new features and wow look it viagra professional fun stuff to unveil that we’re hoping will strengthen the Maven Circle community and help all of us mavens feel more connected with one another. It’s going to be a super awesome fall around here! 

So while we take a little break in August to get to i use it buy viagra on line work behind the scenes (and have some more summer fun), we thought this would be the perfect time to leave you with some links to Maven Minutes videos of the past that we think are worth a re-look, or to check out for the first time.

As we stretch into these last days of summer and get some time to think about who we are, who we want to be and what we really want out of life…

Here are our Five Fave Maven Minutes (so far) to help you connect with, and take action on, all those dreams you have for yourself:

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Five Faves: Delicious Summer Coolers

Today, we’re sharing our Five Fave delicious, healthy drink coolers for you to enjoy in the summer heat (or anytime you need something refreshing!)


We are in the kitchen this week making up batches of yummy drinks to keep us cool. We get extra thirsty in the summer, but grow tired of just drinking water or the same old beverages in our fridge.

Here are some delicious (and totally nutritious!) drink recipes to visit web site viagra online canadian pharmacy keep you cool when you’re working or playing hard:

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Five Faves: Ways to Shift Out of Stuck by Moving the Energy in your Body


A lot of times when we’re mentally or emotionally stuck, we sit there trapped in the feeling of it, letting it slump us further in our chairs, shorten our breaths, make our hearts beat a little faster with anxiety.

So, one of the best remedies we’ve discovered to getting unstuck is to get moving, in one way or another. If you can start to shift your physical energy, it immediately shifts your mental and emotional energy as well. So rather then staying stuck in that feeling of frustration or indecision, you can get up and literally, shake it off!

In today’s Maven Minutes we share our Five Fave ways to get unstuck by shifting the energy in your (bodacious) body:

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At a Crossroads, Stuck in Indecision…What to do?

jen and Jena

We got a question from a reader asking us how to cialis 100mg handle being at a crossroads in your life. She’s built a business she’s not feeling stoked on any longer and wondering if she should start a new path in the direction of a new passion or whether to return to the 9-5 gig. Which path is right?

Many of us have been at a crossroads in our lives and sometimes when you’re good at a number of things it’s hard to choose which one is the right one. It’s really the dilemma of the multi-talented, which of my skills is best served in the world? What do I like to do the most? Can I make money doing that?

If you do something for awhile only to discover that it’s not for you after all, take heart in knowing, many of us have been there and found that we had to follow our dreams for our well-being, no matter our ages.

Everything you’re doing now is building a body of work and many of those skills are transferable to future work. You are building your skill set whether you’re in your career of choice right now, or not. All the work you do is not for no reason- it’s creating the cialis and women'>cialis and women foundation and room for you to grow into your future.

Our Maven Minutes episode below offers ideas on how to choose the path you’ll be happiest with when you reach a crossroads in life (transcript below):

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Five Faves: Apps to Bring Balance Right to Your Fingertips

five faves apps for balance

Towards the end of each month we share five of our favorite things to UP the AWESOME in your life!

This week, we’re sharing five fave phone apps that help us balance our minds and bodies.

We thought it’d be a good way to round out our whole month on the topic of balance with some of the favorite apps we turn to when we need a little more calm, a little more health consciousness, or a little more thankfulness for where we’re at right in this moment.

It’s so awesome that we are living in an age where we literally have the tools right at our fingertips to help us start to move towards our centers and live more fulfilling lives.

In this Maven Minutes, we share five of our favorite phone apps to we use it overnight viagra help us exercise our gratitude, our brains, our bodies and our life-balancing muscles! (transcript below):

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How Do You Balance Your Big Dreams With Everyday Life?

balancing your passions

“Is this all there is?” It’s a question that most of cialis sale'>cialis sale us have asked ourselves from time to time.

But the truth is, the question itself reveals many answers about what you may need in your life.

Finding balance is about more than balancing work and your personal life. It’s also about reaching your dreams and that means getting there one small act at a time, through busy, everyday life.

We all have deep curiosities that we want to pursue and when that curiosity grabs hold of you and won’t let go, we believe it’s a call from our deepest passions. But we don’t always make time to take action in the direction toward those passions. Our dreams get deferred to “someday” and then we’re left feeling unbalanced and longing for something else.

Until one day you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” This is the rally cry from your inner self begging you to grow into the you you’re “supposed” to be and not the one that you think you “should” be.

So how can we create space in our everyday lives for those deep curiosities, big dreams and passions?

We share 3 important tips to help make it easier in this Maven Minutes video (transcript below):

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Five Faves: Documentaries To Pick You Up!


Towards the end of each month we share five of our favorite things to UP the AWESOME in your life!

This week, we’re sharing five fave documentaries you can watch right now to lift you up and make you feel more connected.

Maybe it’s been a long week, or maybe you’re just feeling like you could use some quiet time with a good movie or two.

When we’re in those moods, sometimes we look for the kind of movies that will make us feel better about the good choice viagra women world and our place in it- that’s exactly what these five fave documentaries are all about!

Documentaries are so awesome, but many of them can be pretty heavy, which is great when you’re in the mood for a heavy topic…. But sometimes you just wanna be lifted up and carried away for awhile by a story.

In this Maven Minutes, we share five documentaries that offer a unique look at different people’s stories and the incredible things they do in their lives – from simply being happy (which can be quite hard at times) to walking a tight rope:

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How to Create AWESOME Relationships for a Better Community!


Do you have great friends? A loving family? Are you part of a great community?

There are sometimes when we feel like we can’t answer “yes” to those questions.

We all want to be part of a really awesome group of friends, have a supportive family and live in dynamic communities, but we know that there are some relationships in our lives that aren’t quite so awesome. And those relationships, and the amount of time we spend in them, can affect how we feel about ourselves and similar levitra'>similar levitra people in general.

Unhealthy relationships can really bring us down in subtle and not so subtle ways, causing us to have a negative filter in viewing the world and others around us. This so does not bring out your inner awesome.

What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? What kind of person do you want to BE in your relationships?

To help you figure it out, in this week’s video we’re talkin’ about how to identify and change patterns in your individual relationships, to help create a stronger sense of support and community in your life!

Not all relationships are worth keeping, which this video will help you figure out. But there are also people, like coworkers or family, who we may have strained relationships with but know they’re going to be around no matter how much they might irk our squid- so how do you make those relationships more manageable?

We’ve got ideas! Three steps to be exact.

Ready to be part of the change you’d like to see in some of your relationships? This Maven Minutes video is ready to drug generic cialis help:

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Maven Minutes :: How Does Your Judgement Serve You?

less judgement

We all have that internal critic inside our heads that likes to get all Judgy McJudgerson with us about the things that are lacking in our lives.

And then when it’s got us feeling not quite happy with ourselves, and we’re really focused on our flaws, right where it likes us, we tend to turn our lens out onto the world in the same way- focused on everyone else’s flaws and failings, and then the judgement starts about others.

Do you consider yourself a judgemental person? Do you make judgement calls about other people and situations on a regular basis?

If you’re like most of us you have some – or more likely – lots of judgements about the world and the people in it, but did you know that some of your judgements don’t serve you in any way?

When it comes to safety and security there are times when our judgements are necessary, of course, but there are plenty of other times where it’s only keeping you stuck to spend all that mental energy on judging yourself, or others.

Check out this Maven Minutes to know how to recognize where judgement may be holding you back, and how to let it go:

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Maven Minutes :: Trust your inner awesome, change the world!


What’s a maven exactly, and why do cheap cialis generic we call ourselves that? Well, the dictionary definition is “expert”, and we believe that we’re ALL experts at something. That we’re ALL here for a purpose. That we ALL have a great path ahead of us to fulfill.

We believe we are all mavens in the act of becoming who we truly want to be!

We’ll be talking about community & connection around here all March long, and we think the greatest thing you can do to impact your community in a positive way is to move toward what makes you happy, to trust yourself, and share your true self with the i recommend viagra without perscription world.

So we’re starting a movement, Mavens! A movement of people who are committed to follow our dreams, to break through fear and obstacles, to find more presence, balance and fulfillment in everyday.

But it can’t be a movement without YOU.

So in this Maven Minutes, we share what it means, to us, to be a MAVEN and remind you that by changing yourself, you can truly help change the world!

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