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Category Archives: Resources

Resources: To Beat your Procrastination!

So I can’t speak to the effectiveness of these things quite yet, but they’re all products that I’ve personally purchased to help me conquer this procrastination beast!

Thanks for joining us here this week, Mavens! Next week we’re talking about how to defeat our mind-gremlins and mean self-talk. Another one of our faaavorite subjects, we can’t wait!

And today’s the last day to levitra online without prescription'>levitra online without prescription sign- up to our inner circle to receive a special discount on our Catalyst Course before we open up registration to everyone. Don’t procrastinate- the time to find more happy your days, is now! And we’d love to help :)

See you next week!

Resources: On Pursuing Your Passion

Thanks for joining us here you passionate, Mavens, you! We appreciate all of you who are reading, commenting, emailing and saying hello on the twitter and the Facebook. We are so happy to be part of this community of awesome folks. Thanks for making it all the more awesome!

Resources: On Loss & Grief

Some more resources for you on loss and grief. If you’re dealing with this right now, know our hearts are with you and to take all the time you need to move through it.

Next week we’ll be talking about one of our favorite subjects- pursuing your passion! Why it’s so important to look here levitra samples do so and the realities of viagra 20mg'>viagra 20mg what that means- should be fun! Meet you back here next week!

Resources: Ira Glass on Being a Beginner

We LOVE what Ira Glass has to say about being a beginner- he points out that we get into creative work because we have good taste, but it takes awhile for our skills to match our own good taste and too many people quit before they get there. But not Ira & not YOU, right?

This is from last year so you’ve likely seen it round the web before, but if it’s been awhile, it’s definitely worth another listen!

Thanks for joining us here this week, it’s been awesome!

Next week we’ll be chatting about our privacy lines in this online social world- on what we share “in real life” vs. what we’ll share on the web or share in order to promote ourselves, and what our individual lines are. Should be interesting!

Hope you’ll join us & we’ll see you Monday!

Resources on Bragging vs. Self-Promotion

Happy Friday! These are links to some of the articles we read while researching bragging and buy canadian viagra online'>buy canadian viagra online self-promotion this week, that we thought you might find interesting too!

Next week we’re talking about how to get over the freaky-deakiness of starting NEW things! Hope you’ll join us here next week. See you then!

Brené Brown on purchasing viagra'>purchasing viagra vulnerability & shame

“For women, shame is do it all, do it perfectly & never let them see you sweat. [It's] this web of unattainable, conflicting, competing expectations about who we’re supposed to be. It’s a straight jacket.” – Brené Brown

Happy Friday! We leave you with a TED talk we both love by Brené Brown on vulnerability and shame, which doubt is all sorts of wrapped up in. It’s 20 minutes well spent if you have a chance to check it out.

Thanks for joining us here at our new blog, Mavens! We hope you’re digging it so far, and hope to see you next week!