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Detoxify Your Life : DIY & Natural Beauty

We’re ba-ack! Now in our new podcast format.

detoxify your life : the maven circle podcast



:48 Why did we decide to stop blogging regularly and follow link generic cialis canada switch to a monthly podcast format? And why did it take us so long to get back in the low price cialis groove? All those questions are answered.

3:05 We get to the subject of today’s episode: detoxifying your beauty routine, sharing stories of our personal beauty journeys toward using more natural products, and making our own, and why we decided to make the switch.

19:01 We introduce The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, an e-book addendum to this podcast packed with additional resources and tips to help you dive deeper and start making changes in your own life- available for instant download for only $5 below!

20:51 We introduce So & So Says, a segment where we’ll offer advice to listeners, anonymously! We know a lot of stuff we cover can be difficult to open up about, so we wanted to create a way for you to comfortably get real and get some things off your chest, and receive some non-judgemental advice from us and the Maven Circle community.

22:08 Letters to our Former Selves. This is a segment where we’ll write letters to our selves at different points in time, offering advice and perspective on things we wish we had known then, in an effort to make peace with some of the ways we’ve been harsh on ourselves, or judged ourselves in the past.

  • This month, we open up about our struggles around beauty and self-worth in letters to our teenage selves. Hear Jen’s letter at 22:40 and Jena’s at 24:55.

200px-Five_foot_two_sheet_music_cover_25pc28:32 We’ll close each podcast with a song performed by us! Both of low price levitra'>low price levitra us love to play instruments and how does levitra work sing- Jen plays ukulele, Jena plays piano (that’s her playing the podcast transitions, too :) We record all of our music on our iPhones and send individual tracks back and forth, then Jen mixes them all together.

  • This month, we’re doing “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”, a really cute little ditty from the 20′s about a loveable, non-materialistic girl. We think we sound like juke joint ladies from a bygone era singing together- what do you think?

We hope you enjoy!



We’ll also have an informational supplement each month called The Maven’s Guide, a little e-book we put together for those of you who want to go further into the canadian online pharmacy levitra podcast subject. They’ll have additional resources, exercises, tips and more to help you get started making some awesome changes in your life, for just $5!

This month we have The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, packed with information to help you detoxify your daily beauty routine!

You’ll learn what to avoid in your beauty products, take a look at our personal beauty routines and the exact products we use and recommend, get our original DIY recipes for lip balm, lotion and deodorant that you can make right in your own kitchen, find resources on where to shop wisely for everything from the best brands that do truly have your well being in mind (there are some out there!) to where to source the best supplies and look there generic viagra online recipes to make your own beauty goodies- and more!

Available for instant download for $5. BUY NOW.

The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty

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 And it’ll be delivered to your inbox, instantly.

The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty


We hope you enjoy the podcast & guide, and would love to hear what you think! Are you interested in detoxing your beauty routine more? What’s your first step going to be?

Truthy Tuesday: One Creative’s path from starving to thriving

Truthy Tuesday with Luna Jaffe

{By Guest Maven, Luna Jaffe}

When I starting selling my hand painted silk I was 23 years old.

I remember the cycle well: use credit cards to buy silk and dye, paint for several weeks, sell at local craft fairs, pay off the credit cards, rinse and repeat. I don’t know how I had enough for food, rent, insurance and travel, but somehow I did. It certainly wasn’t because I planned it out and used a budget. I was a master of flying by the seat of my pants. Grand Master, in fact.

Then I became a “professional” dancer with Do Jump Movement Theater here in Portland. I was paid, but when I figured out my hourly rate it hovered around $3.50/hour. My “job” as a dancer was not any more helpful than my income from selling my artwork, yet I was living the life and as long as I lived in the moment, life was beautiful.

When I turned thirty I started to worry about money. My father died suddenly that year, and I lost some of my innocence and naiveté. My creative lifestyle was both carefree and follow link viagra canadian pharmacy stressful. I had no boss, and thought this was the definition of freedom. I could do want I wanted, when I wanted. Woohoo!

But a car repair, or injury would throw me into a tizzy, and my stress level would skyrocket. My therapist encouraged me to look at my resistance to money.

Gulp. I thought that ignoring it was working just fine, thank you. She said something that stuck with me:

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Finding Ultimate Freedom Takes Back-up

by Jena Coray, The Maven Circle

jena corayIn what may be one of the largest ironies in life, I think that finding true freedom requires lots of support.

So often we trap ourselves into a life that’s not exactly what we want because we don’t have the support to get us where we really want to go. And no matter how individualistic we can be, we are so affected by the people around us, whether it’s the ones we choose, like friends and partners, or the ones we don’t, like family, neighbors, coworkers- they all create the community of you and either aid to spur or inhibit your freedom.

I was reminded of this on a vacation I just returned from. My mister and I took a roadtrip down the coast of Oregon and California to meet up with my childhood best friend (and basically sister at the time) Megan, who now lives in New Zealand but was here in the states visiting a friend in the San Francisco area. We lost touch after high school and went our separate ways and hadn’t seen each other face to face in 13 years!

As we pulled up to her hotel to take her to dinner, I could feel the butterflies of excitement and anxiousness welling up in my whole being. Would we still connect? Would we still like each other? Would she still be the Megan I remember?

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How To Get More Of What You Want Out Of Everyday


jen neitzelA friend of mine was telling a story recently about her husband and a house that they used to own together.

It was a fixer upper and my friend and her hubby were always working on the house. At some point they decided to sell the house, but they had a huge list of buy pfizer viagra'>buy pfizer viagra tasks that needed to be completed before they thought they’d be able to sell the house.

Then the house sold easily and quickly without completing all the items on the list.

My friend’s husband, who was the list maker, pulled out the many undone to-dos after the house sold and said, “What about the list? What should I do with the list?”

He was troubled by not completing all the tasks and didn’t want to just throw it away because this list had been an ever-present, all consuming reference for his time and just try! cialis price his days. It directed him and kept him busy and all of a sudden it was totally irrelevant.

Sometimes to do lists, and the items on them, don’t really matter as much as we think they do.

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Truthy Tuesday: On Happiness, discomfort and the thrill of the Vantasy

Truthy Tuesday with Eva Darling

{By guest maven, Eva Darling}

Six years ago, I woke up with the same question that had been plaguing me for months: “Am I ever going to be happy again?”

I had recently split with my husband and I was dragging through life. I smiled and laughed sometimes, but I was not ever happy. I was a shell of a person, wondering always what the point of life was. Constantly asking, is this all there is?”

The thing that was different about that morning six years ago was that I finally had an answer. “What will bring you joy, Eva? What do you want to do?” And my answer was one simple word: TRAVEL.

That was the day that the Vantasy was born. I began saving my money and my life choices all started to point in a single direction toward a new life of exploration in a van with my dog. I aimed my energy to that end. One year later, Ralgh the dog and I left Portland. You cannot imagine how amazing that felt!

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Truthy Tuesday: A couple’s plan for play- visiting every darn town in Oregon

photo by Jolie Griffin

{by guest maven, Jolie Griffin}

What if we visit every town in Oregon?

Greg, my husband, and I played around with this thought for years and years. It was a fun daydream to indulge in while on road trips. We’d kick the concept around every once in awhile only to forget it when we returned home. Our normal life would resume and we’d get caught up in the day to day minutia of our busy lives.

Last summer, we found ourselves talking about the idea more and more. Instead of pushing the idea to a back burner for another time, we started planning and plotting how to pull this off. Slowly, the concept felt more tangible as we discussed the where to find levitra'>where to find levitra nuts and bolts. Our excitement grew as the idea grew. Greg built a website and we settled on the atlas that would act as our guide. It took a solid month to iron out the kinks and get a game plan. At the end of the month, we had a structure in place and cialis canada Ending in Zigzag was born.

MC Ending in Zigzag

{editor’s note: all gorgeous photos- lots more below- by Jolie Griffin}

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Why Play Matters, Even As a Grown Up :: Maven Podcast

why play matters

We think almost everyone would agree that playing is a great way for a child to learn, but we seem to forget that it’s also a great way for us to learn as adults, too.

It seems the older we get, the further most of us get away from playfulness.

Most of us are so busy with the day to day responsibilities in our lives that we forget that play is a mode of self-care: it’s giving ourselves something we really need. It’s a way to restore balance back in our lives. It’s a way to connect with the right here and now awesomeness of life.

In this podcast we discuss the importance of remaining playful in our lives. We share our personal stories and experiences with play, as big ol’ silly grown-ups, and how it has brought benefits to our lives, and businesses, in a multitude of ways. Ready to play? Hit it! (transcript also below)

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How to Play & Getaway on the Cheap & Easy

jen neitzel

For years I didn’t take vacations. I thought I didn’t need them. That they were an indulgence I could live without.

I thought vacations were too expensive, required too much planning or were just unnecessary. But then I went on a cruise a few years ago in April, which is a particularly rainy time of getting viagra the year here in Oregon and thought, “WOW!  I need more vacations in my life!”

I came home excited, inspired and feeling really enthusiastic about my life. It was such an ah-ha moment for me.

Ever since then I’ve been very pro vacation.

Palm Springs by Jen Neitzel

Vacation shot from my last vacation in Palm Springs.

The hard part about vacations is that they can still be very expensive and can take a lot of planning, so I thought today I’d focus on some vacations and getaways that won’t break the bank and don’t require that much advanced planning.

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Maven Podcast :: Slap You In The Face Stuck

slap-you-in-the-face stuck - a maven podcast

“I realized I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, but not ready to give it up yet either.”

Does that sound familiar? It’s a quote plucked from today’s podcast where we talk about BIG stuck. The kind of stuck that feels like a slap in the face because you don’t know what’s causing it, or how to resolve it, and you’re just not feeling ready to make any sort of move.

You’re not alone! The Mavens have been there too.

This week we share our personal journeys of being stuck in indecision. Jen shares her experience of realizing that the work she did for years wasn’t the work she wanted to do anymore. Jena shares about a time recently when she struggled with motivation and cialis online in canada direction and how she’s moved forward.

If you’re struggling with stuckness, or at a crossroads in your life, this is the prefect podcast to get you thinking about the problem from some different, solution based perspectives:

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On breaking out of the muck of STUCK

jena coray- on breaking through the stuck

jena floating headIt’s fitting that stuck rhymes with muck, because that’s exactly what we get stuck in- the swampy muck and mire of our own self-doubt and expectations.

We deny ourselves so many of our innate, deep desires because they seem too big. And hard. And scary. And so far away.

It seems selfish to go after what I really want, you convince yourself, as your heels start sinking into the mud below. It’s crazy to think I could even do that, anyway, you argue on, slipping ankle deep into the thick sludge.

Then the what ifs? begin, the likes of which you’re powerless against. What if I fall flat on my face and fail? What if I succeed and become rich and famous and cheap cialis canada I can never find a good man because dating famous guys totally sucks and normal guys are way threatened by powerful women? What if everyone looks at me funny? What if no one even looks at me at all? What if they see that I was never actually smart or pretty or talented enough to do any of this, and that I’m a total sham, and just who the hell do I think I am, anyway?

All the while you’re standing still, in the mud, slowly sinking further and further. You finally look down to see you’re now waist deep in relentless swamp goo and girl, you are stuck. (There’s another choice word that rhymes with stuck that’s perfect to use at this point of realization.)

I have found myself in this waist-deep stuckness too many times to count.

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