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Category Archives: Truthy Tuesday

Truthy Tuesday: One Creative’s path from starving to thriving

Truthy Tuesday with Luna Jaffe

{By Guest Maven, Luna Jaffe}

When I starting selling my hand painted silk I was 23 years old.

I remember the cycle well: use credit cards to buy silk and dye, paint for several weeks, sell at local craft fairs, pay off the credit cards, rinse and repeat. I don’t know how I had enough for food, rent, insurance and travel, but somehow I did. It certainly wasn’t because I planned it out and used a budget. I was a master of flying by the seat of my pants. Grand Master, in fact.

Then I became a “professional” dancer with Do Jump Movement Theater here in Portland. I was paid, but when I figured out my hourly rate it hovered around $3.50/hour. My “job” as a dancer was not any more helpful than my income from selling my artwork, yet I was living the life and as long as I lived in the moment, life was beautiful.

When I turned thirty I started to worry about money. My father died suddenly that year, and I lost some of my innocence and naiveté. My creative lifestyle was both carefree and stressful. I had no boss, and thought this was the definition of freedom. I could do want I wanted, when I wanted. Woohoo!

But a car repair, or injury would throw me into a tizzy, and my stress level would skyrocket. My therapist encouraged me to look at my resistance to money.

Gulp. I thought that ignoring it was working just fine, thank you. She said something that stuck with me:

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