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Detoxify Your Life : DIY & Natural Beauty

We’re ba-ack! Now in our new podcast format.

detoxify your life : the maven circle podcast



:48 Why did we decide to stop blogging regularly and switch to a monthly podcast format? And why did it take us so long to get back in the groove? All those questions are answered.

3:05 We get to the subject of today’s episode: detoxifying your beauty routine, sharing stories of our personal beauty journeys toward using more natural products, and making our own, and why we decided to make the switch.

19:01 We introduce The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, an e-book addendum to this podcast packed with additional resources and tips to help you dive deeper and start making changes in your own life- available for instant download for only $5 below!

20:51 We introduce So & So Says, a segment where we’ll offer advice to listeners, anonymously! We know a lot of stuff we cover can be difficult to open up about, so we wanted to create a way for you to comfortably get real and get some things off your chest, and receive some non-judgemental advice from us and the Maven Circle community.

22:08 Letters to our Former Selves. This is a segment where we’ll write letters to our selves at different points in time, offering advice and perspective on things we wish we had known then, in an effort to make peace with some of the ways we’ve been harsh on ourselves, or judged ourselves in the past.

  • This month, we open up about our struggles around beauty and self-worth in letters to our teenage selves. Hear Jen’s letter at 22:40 and Jena’s at 24:55.

200px-Five_foot_two_sheet_music_cover_25pc28:32 We’ll close each podcast with a song performed by us! Both of us love to play instruments and sing- Jen plays ukulele, Jena plays piano (that’s her playing the podcast transitions, too :) We record all of our music on our iPhones and send individual tracks back and forth, then Jen mixes them all together.

  • This month, we’re doing “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”, a really cute little ditty from the 20′s about a loveable, non-materialistic girl. We think we sound like juke joint ladies from a bygone era singing together- what do you think?

We hope you enjoy!



We’ll also have an informational supplement each month called The Maven’s Guide, a little e-book we put together for those of you who want to go further into the podcast subject. They’ll have additional resources, exercises, tips and more to help you get started making some awesome changes in your life, for just $5!

This month we have The Maven’s Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty, packed with information to help you detoxify your daily beauty routine!

You’ll learn what to avoid in your beauty products, take a look at our personal beauty routines and the exact products we use and recommend, get our original DIY recipes for lip balm, lotion and deodorant that you can make right in your own kitchen, find resources on where to shop wisely for everything from the best brands that do truly have your well being in mind (there are some out there!) to where to source the best supplies and recipes to make your own beauty goodies- and more!

Available for instant download for $5. BUY NOW.

The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty

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The Maven's Guide to DIY & Natural Beauty


We hope you enjoy the podcast & guide, and would love to hear what you think! Are you interested in detoxing your beauty routine more? What’s your first step going to be?

10 Responses to Detoxify Your Life : DIY & Natural Beauty

  1. Mary Ann says:

    So glad you’re back!!! This was a fun podcast, and it kept me in a cheery mood as I slugged through my ‘production work’ last night.

    I was recently given a sample of a very ‘natural’ sounding moisturizer with cucumber… Tried it for two days. I think I counted 14 new pimples the next morning. It wasn’t until I’d given up on it the next day that I put on magnifiers to read the tiny label. Never did find the cucumber, but there were about 30 other chemically sounding ingredients. Aarrgh.

    I’ve been wondering about argon oil, and your recommendation clears the way to try it ASAP. I’ll admit that just the word OIL still freaks me out a bit, but I’m going to give it a go… Fingers crossed! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Rosalie Gale says:

    Will you be posting these on iTunes? I want to subscribe so I don’t forget to listen!

  3. Nicole says:

    So glad to see you ladies back at it! I was missing all if the positivity and awesomeness you two bring. Fuckin’ oil! :D

  4. julz nally says:

    as inspiring as ever! loved the podcast format and that i was able to listen while i was working ;) i loved hearing the piano playing!! and i loved the letters to your 16 year old selves – made me giggle! i love learning about all of the options for home remedies and i’m always happy to hear more about that. i’ve been checking out every library book possible on herbal remedies & oils and it’s so amazing!! keep it up ladies!! thanks for the knowledge.

    • Yay, thanks so much for listening, Julz! We’re so glad you liked it, and hope you’re enjoying your new oils and body butter! We’ll have to do an herbal-remedy sort of crafty-day meetup sometime, hmm? We can make salves and things :) -jena

  5. Rachel says:

    Hello Ladies, it’s great to see you back here. Although i’ve never left many comments in the past i’ve been a regular maven to your site :) I love listening to podcasts too and I especially liked this one so i’m looking forward to hearing more. Great song by the way too – you’re both such good singers!!

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