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Do what scares you!

It seems counter-intuitive to run head first right into something that scares you. If we’re talking about the levitra for sale online'>levitra for sale online mouth of a shark, or jumping out of a plane, that’s a fear that might not be worth tackling (for some of us), and that’s juuuust fine.

But we’re not talking about those kind of fears today- we’re talking about the kind of fear that threatens to derail you from living the life you know you want for yourself!

There are actually so many positive things that can come from moving straight in the direction toward that kind of fear! And in this Maven Chat, we share an exercise to help you start to do just that.

Designed to best way to take viagra'>best way to take viagra get you moving in the direction towards your dreams, no matter how big and soft viagra scary they may seem, try this exercise out, and see if it helps!

Here’s a good source on how to create a mind-map, if you’re not familiar with them!

What fears did you uncover in this exercise? Which one are you going to tackle first, and with what step? Break it down, and let us know in the comments below. Go get those fears, Mavens!

One Response to Do what scares you!

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi. I don’t know if it fits the subject, but my biggest fear right now, is leaving a place I’ve known for 14 years, to go to another one, where I could find what I always wanted to do. To be precise,I am a 19 year old French student and I am studying in a field I hate and feel constantly drown by (the way it is taught in my town). I double my second year, but I can’t change for now. I know what I want to viagra online store'>viagra online store do, and know that I’ll have to move to the UK or the US, which I am terrified of (for several reasons). I’m learning to be less and less attached to my place, but it’s hard.

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