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Finding Freedom & Support With Kari Chapin & Eric Nixon – Maven Podcast

finding freedom

Last week we sat down with Kari Chapin and her husband Eric Nixon to talk about their lives, their freedoms and the ways in which they support one another.

Kari is the author of The Handmade Marketplace, Grow Your Handmade Business, and she has a felting book coming out this fall. In her free time (it’s hard to believe she has any) she helps other creatives write their own books and does other creative business consulting.

Eric is an author and poet. He has self-published his book, Emily Dickinson Superhero  Volume 1. Eric also helps his wife with her various business ventures.

Kari and Eric work together, from their home, balancing their personal and professional lives together. Both of them have a great deal of freedom in their day to day lives. In this podcast they share how they got there and the areas where they are still finding freedom.


For many married couples, navigating a marriage relationship can be challenging enough, but not for this dynamic team. Their communication skills, honesty, trust and belief in each other helps them manage their personal and professional lives together.

Kari and Eric live in Vermont currently, but are planning a move to Portland Oregon in the fall.

The reason for their visit to PDX was to promote Kari and her books. Earlier in the week, Kari led a round table discussion, that was set up similarly to a speed dating type of event at the Portland Public Library. Attendees could meet with many different speakers on a variety of business topics and get more in depth information on their topics of interest, then the bell would ring and the attendees moved to the next speaker. Jena and I both spoke at this event on the subject of how to have an awesome business partnership.

Now, sit back and listen to this 28 minute podcast about how this couple supports each other and the freedoms in their lives.

We hope this gets you thinking about who supports you and your freedoms! If you have insights, please share them in the comments.

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One Response to Finding Freedom & Support With Kari Chapin & Eric Nixon – Maven Podcast

  1. julz says:

    support! it makes a huge difference ;)
    thanks for sharing all! i loved listening!

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