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Five Faves: Maven Minutes to help you live an awesome life

five fave videos to help you live your dream life - The Maven Circle

It’s time for our Five Faves! Yay!

We’re taking the month of August off here on the blog to get ready for the Sept launch of our Catalyst Course (we’re making it even awesomer!), to do some housekeeping behind the scenes of the website, and we have some new features and fun stuff to unveil that we’re hoping will strengthen the Maven Circle community and help all of us mavens feel more connected with one another. It’s going to be a super awesome fall around here! 

So while we take a little break in August to get to work behind the scenes (and have some more summer fun), we thought this would be the perfect time to leave you with some links to Maven Minutes videos of the past that we think are worth a re-look, or to check out for the first time.

As we stretch into these last days of summer and get some time to think about who we are, who we want to be and what we really want out of life…

Here are our Five Fave Maven Minutes (so far) to help you connect with, and take action on, all those dreams you have for yourself:

1. Short & Sweet Self Care To Knock Stress Down – self care is so important and it’s one of the first things we abandon when we get busy or stressed. Get back to basics with this video, because taking care of yourself is the first step toward a happier life.

2. How To Balance Your Big Dreams With Your Everyday Life - “Is this all there is?” It’s a question that many of us ask about our lives. If you’re struggling with this one, check out this video and learn tips on how to create space in your everyday life for those deep curiosities, big dreams and passions.

3. Taking Risks - we filmed this video with our friend Tyler of Advanced Riskology, because we think it’s really important to take risks in your life to get to the places worth getting to in our lives. He has some great perspective & tips to share on how to know which risks are worth taking.

4. Do What Scares You – fear is notoriously what holds us back in life, but we’ve learned that running head first toward your fear can often be the best thing that ever happened to you. This video shares thoughts & an exercise to help you overcome your fears to live your best, most authentic life.

5. Wearing Lots Of Hats & Keeping Your Cool - how do you find balance in life when you’re wearing so many hats, having to keep up with so much and feel headed towards overwhelm? We offer tips on how to manage all the things you have to do (and find time for the things you want to do) and not lose your head over it.

jena and jen - the maven circle

All of these videos cover topics that we discuss much more in depth in our Catalyst Course. Part of what we’ll be doing during our “break” is re-working the course to make it accessible at any time, and workable at your own pace, along with incorporating some new ways to get more support directly from us, and your fellow mavens. It’s going to be even more helpful, more fun and more awesome!

Details coming soon- if you’re not on our list yet, hop on now to stay tuned and be first in the know!

In the meantime, we hope these videos inspire you to live your best life. Happy rest of summer and we’ll see you in September!

Jena & Jen

ps: you can keep up with our projects & the rest of our summer adventures behind the scenes over on FB, instagram & twitter. <3

2 Responses to Five Faves: Maven Minutes to help you live an awesome life

  1. Kerry says:

    Eep! I am so excited the the Catalyst Course is coming back AND it is going to be even awesomer (I didn’t even think that was possible!)! Enjoy your break :) I really love the work that you both do and am so happy to have you in my life! I love being a Maven! I am going to be teaching more here in AZ plus starting a professional FB page and I totally plan on spreading the word about you to everyone! Can I add more exclamation points? !!!!!! LOL! Big hugs XOXO

  2. Kim says:

    Can’t wait til you guys come back! You two have been a big inspiration for me <3

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