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Is holiday stress getting you down?

It’s time for a holiday stress beat-down!!!

Why is it so many of enter site online levitra us get so stressed out this time of year? We think quite a bit of it has to do with expectations.

Our own expectations of what we think we “should” be doing…. Other people’s expectations we think we have to live up to… Expectations that come from traditions and the world we live in…

We all know this season is supposed to be a time for giving, for receiving, for slowing down, yet it seems like many of us are just going, going, going more now this time of year than ever!

It can all get to be a little much- where does the part come in where we get to do what really makes us feel good?

So to counteract those gnarly expectations, and to get back in touch with what really matters most this time of year, today’s video shares a little exercise to help you beat that holiday stress down!

Try it out and let us know if it helps lift some of that stress off your December shoulders:

{ps: yes that’s a winter cold you hear in both our voices- cough, cough}

How would you like to FEEL this holiday season? Let us know some of the words you came up with in the comments below!

6 Responses to cialis on women'>cialis on women Is holiday stress getting you down?

  1. Ramona says:

    Oh what a relief. I always overdo it at Christmas because generally I love it but this year I have no energy. I can’t tell you how good it felt to postpone my holiday BBQ to Australia Day (25 Jan) and I plan on cialis uk buying handmade gifts this year instead of making them. My focus will be on my family and my home and recovering from a full on year. Thankyou lovely mavens for the advice.

    • Ramona, so glad you have your goals and feelings laid out and that you’re giving yourself what you want this holiday- time and relaxation with family. It sounds wonderful! Have a great holiday! – Jen

  2. Kerry says:

    So fab! I have missed you ladies and am so happy I took the time to watch this! I have been trying to focus on how I want to feel in my life and just try! online viagra line my actions up to get me there so I really like this idea of doing that with the wow look it 50 mg viagra holidays. I am moving in 2 weeks so I will be switching to holiday mode a little late this year but I want to feel grateful (for all that I have), sparkly (embracing the lights and love of the season), mindful (of time spent together and handmade gifts).

  3. JoAnna says:

    Fun video ladies! Thanks for taking the time to create it.
    I have been struggling with overwhelm alot lately – not sure why…but one feeling I want to feel during this month & beyond is peacefulness.

    • Thanks, JoAnna! I think the holidays can be stressful for lots of folks, you’re not alone. This week we’re talking about challenging family dynamics around the holidays, which might be useful for you too. Hope your holiday is great! – Jen

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