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Five Faves: Websites To Make You Feel Better

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At the end of each month we share five of our favorite things to UP the AWESOME in your life!

This week, we’re sharing five fave websites we visit that make us feel better.

It’s never really a convenient time to have a bad moment, or a bad day, but there are some days where it feels like way too much to the best place online pharmacy cialis deal with. But when you’re at your desk at work, for example, it’s not exactly the best time to feel like you’re going to have a mental breakdown, yet that’s often where a lot of our feelings of overwhelm occur- right here, in front of our computers.

So in those moments where we find ourselves feeling stressed out, or bummed out, yet not able to escape from the routine of the day to go for a walk out in nature or meet up with a friend or do levitra order'>levitra order the other things you know would cheer you up, that’s when it’s the perfect time to turn online to get yourself out of a funk

In today’s Maven Minutes we share 5 websites we love that give us a new perspective, make us laugh, give us insights and buy viagra in canada help us turn those droopy days around:

Here are our Five Fave websites to pick us up when we’re feeling low:

1. Notes From The Universe

2. Tiny Buddha (which we’re beyond thrilled to have been featured on last week! We weren’t expecting it to run until March, so it  was a special surprise!)

3. McSweeney’s Open Letters

4. Super Soul Sunday

5. The Moth (using the enter site cheap viagra pills Stitcher app)

Let us know what your fave websites are to make you feel better in the comments- the more resources we have to turn to, the better!

20 Responses to Five Faves: Websites To Make You Feel Better

  1. Barbra says:

    Check out Marc and Angel Hack Life – filled with good stuff! You’ll love it :) – from a fan

  2. maslinda says:

    very goods picks girls! l also like very much the purpose fairy

  3. Bi says:

    My veeeery fave website is:
    A cartoon for EVERY topic, mood, etc. Check it out – have fun!

  4. Rachel says:

    thanks for those suggestions i’ll definitely be checking them out…:)

  5. sandy says:

    you girls are AWESOME! great job…! enjoying your site and look forward to your videos! Thank you for uplifting me and giving me the tools to make it a a bright and positive world!

  6. nana says:

    Some great inspirational sites for me are… and

  7. Leanne says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me about Mike Dooley and The Notes from the Universe. I had been getting them for years and lost heaps of connections recently when I changed email addresses!
    Now to go check out the others!

    • Aren’t they so great, Notes from the Universe, that is? Jena turned me on to them and I just LOVE receiving them. They make my morning feel a little more awesome! Glad you’re reconnected with them! – Jen

  8. Heather says:

    Tiny Buddha, ( that’s how I found Maven Circle) and The Daily Love,

  9. Ericka says:

    I had to come back and say I’ve started listening to The Moth and now I’m addicted! The Moth can also be found in the podcasts section in iTunes. Love it!

  10. julz says:

    you girls are the best! i’m so looking forward to searching out some of generic viagra cheap'>generic viagra cheap this inspriration online!! ;)

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