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Maven Minutes :: Self Image & Making Faces


Why would we lead into our video with this photo? It’s so unflattering.

This video is different from the rest. We’re talking about self image and we thought a fun way to get into it would be to share photo stills from our videos. Bad photo stills. These are the freeze frame accidents that we’d usually send straight to the trash, but today, we’re sharing them just to show we’re normal people who take a bad photo just like everyone else.

We actually think our unflattering photos are pretty funny! What if we all let go of our put together, ready to present to the world facades for a moment, and instead just accepted ourselves as a pretty face that’s capable of cialis on line ugly faces? And double-chin faces… And quizzical, odd, funny, not-so-put-together faces…

If we can all accept ourselves- flaws, freaky parts and all- then judgement from others will never sting us.

We believe that the relationship you have with yourself resonates with everything you do, so get right with yourself and get right with the world:

Do you have an ugly/funny/unflattering photo to share with us? Leave a link in the real viagra online comments below, or email us, or hit us up on social media! We’re on FB, twitter & instagram


9 Responses to viagra overnight Maven Minutes :: Self Image & Making Faces

  1. Love it! To be able to laugh at ourselves it to truly love ourselves. Joining in on this via Instagram with a real doozy. Just took quite possibly the best, most unflattering photo of me ever and had a good laugh :) Lots of love to you ladies who pull off equal parts goofball and professional SO well!

  2. MOLLY RAHE says:

    I love this idea! I submitted a very “ugly” photo of me in Instagram. I was having a great time when the photo is viagra generique taken, you can see joy in my face, but Oh! This one takes the cake! I took the picture two years ago because it had the potential to be the wow look it generic levitra canada most unflattering photo ever.

  3. Laura says:

    Love this post! Sometimes ugly photos captured or when we are mid talking turn out to be the funniest! Love your blog!

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