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Maven Minutes :: Show Yourself Some Love

show yourself some love

Ever have those days where something rubs you the wrong way and fda approves levitra'>fda approves levitra then you find yourself returning to that moment in your mind over and over again?

Maybe it was a weird interaction you had, a look someone gave you or just your own mind gremlins deciding to chime in, but your self-doubt crept in through some door and now you find yourself saying, “I don’t feel so great about me at the moment.”

This happens to all of us from time to time- we can’t stop thinking about what we did “wrong”, or about our “flaws”. But just because it’s a normal human tendency to we choice cost of levitra harp on ourselves, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing- we need to find ways to get out of that self-funk when we get there.

So today, we have five steps you can do right here, right now, to feel better about yourself! Take a few Maven Minutes out of your day to show yourself some love:

Which of usefull link cialis viagra these tips do you think could help you de-funk the most? What other ways do you show yourself love when you need it? Share with us in the comments below!


4 Responses to Maven Minutes :: Show Yourself Some Love

  1. Laura. says:

    a friend and i have been talking about this so much recently, and have, in the spirit of valentine’s day, declared february “treat yo’self RIGHT” month! which has so much more to do with what is good for us than what we feel we deserve in the moment. for both of us, it’s getting more rest, reading more books, watching less tv, drinking less alcohol. the things you mentioned ALL are wonderful, and are some of my go-to’s for stress/anxiety/blues relief.

    • Yes, I love that! Treat yo’self right, instead of waiting around and expecting someone to come along and treat you right for you, huh? ;) I just hate that element of what V-day has become. Your idea rocks, Laura! Glad to hear you’re making it a priority to get in touch with yourself and bringing friends along for the journey- that’s the best. Keep it up, girl! -jena

  2. Rachel says:

    thanks ladies! i love the self-hug thing, i did it straight away and viagra without perscription'>viagra without perscription it works :)

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