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Maven Minutes :: Trust your inner awesome, change the world!


What’s a maven exactly, and why do we call ourselves that? Well, the dictionary definition is “expert”, and we believe that we’re ALL experts at something. That we’re ALL here for a purpose. That we ALL have a great path ahead of us to fulfill.

We believe we are all mavens in the act of becoming who we truly want to be!

We’ll be talking about community & connection around here all March long, and we think the greatest thing you can do to impact your community in a positive way is to move toward what makes you happy, to trust yourself, and share your true self with the world.

So we’re starting a movement, Mavens! A movement of people who are committed to follow our dreams, to break through fear and we use it cialis doses obstacles, to find more presence, balance and fulfillment in everyday.

But it can’t be a movement without YOU.

So in this Maven Minutes, we share what it means, to us, to be a MAVEN and remind you that by changing yourself, you can truly help change the world!

Are you ready to start trusting your own inner awesome? Take the viagra dosage'>viagra dosage Maven Pledge and we’ll add you, along with a link to your website, to our growing roster of people who want to make their worlds, and the world, a better place!

2 Responses to Maven Minutes :: Trust your inner awesome, change the world!

  1. You didnt really ask for comments on generic pack viagra this post, just a pledge but heres my two cents.

    My mission is to help people live healthier lives through movement, creativity and community. Yes, i do that through my job, but I also host things
    Ike neighborhood walks and crafty nights for free. I think a lot of people try to make a profit off most of their idea they have, but I do these things for free because I gain happiness and connections that are priceless to me.

    I think this is also why I prefer to work independently. If I went through “proper channels” to start a walking group in my neighborhood, I’d probably still be waiting for it to start because of cheap viagra some sort of bureaucratic BS. Which makes me wonder if that’s what holds people back from following through on things.

    I trust myself but really I think it comes down to trusting the fates that a risk is worth taking if it helps my world and the small part of the big world around me.

    • Hi Kristin, thanks for sharing your mission with us! I know what you mean about working alone or at least not in a bureaucratic environment. As for your last sentence, yes. It’s true trusting the fates is part of it. I think trusting that you’ll be OK no matter what reality the fates deliver is what we’re meaning in this statement, so it’s essentially the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! – Jen

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