Wow, I had no idea the link between mindfulness and anxiety was this strong... It certainly gets you thinking about all the potential opportunities!

A Basic Guide to Mindfulness and Anxiety

  Mindfulness has become quite the buzzword in recent years, but there is much more it can do beyond mere stress reduction, although that is certainly a big part of it. Mindfulness and anxiety are actually opposite ends of the ...
Some of these tips (especially the last one) have helped A TON of people cope and provide insight on how to deal with anxiety!

4 Easy Ways on How To Deal With Anxiety

  If you find yourself identifying with the symptoms discussed in the previous two entries and you’re searching ways on how to deal with anxiety, then there are some things that you can do.  However, if you find that the ...
Wow, I actually had no idea that this is what they actually mean with 'Anxiety'... Great read if you think you might have a problem with anxiety!

What Is Anxiety Exactly?

  In our last post we discussed how fear is a natural human emotion, and anxiety is the result of irrational fear.  This week we are going to a little bit more detailed look at the symptoms, in other words, ...
Are you afraid or anxious? Find out what the difference is and how it could help you figure out what steps to take on overcoming your anxiety!

Are You Afraid or Are You Anxious?

  All of us are afraid sometimes- we might not like to use words like “afraid, scared, frightened,” or even “terrified.”  However, we are fine with words like “worried, cautious,” and “apprehensive.”  Words really do seem to matter to us, ...