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People are Strange – The Maven Sounds

jena corayThis week, we’re practicing what we preach and playing around!

Both being musical dweebs and hobbyists, Jen and I decided to record a song together just for the fun of it, and we’ve worked up the courage to share it with you here- eek!

When we were thinking of what song to sing, we started with ones Jen had already been practicing on her ukulele. She gave me a list and from it People Are Strange was one of the possible contenders. I liked that one because well, people are strange- we are, for sure- and that’s kinda what the Maven Circle is all about, embracing and celebrating our unique strangeness, right?

The next day, I was looking through old records and noticed a shelf filled with sheet-music books I forgot I even had, and one of them was the complete library of all The Doors songs. “Oh right! I have this already!” I screeched excitedly as I pulled it out and set it on the piano to look through later.

Then, the mister and I were off for some weekend estate-saling. When we got in the car the radio was tuned to some random station and guess what song was playing right at that moment? The Doors, People Are Strange.

“That’s it, it’s a sign!” I text Jen, and we got to work learning it that day.

photo by Bettie Newell

I recorded the piano part and my still rusty fingers couldn’t quite get to the tempo of The Doors version of the song- it came out a little slower and sultrier, and I liked it. I sent that to Jen to record herself singing melody and strumming the ukulele, along with it, and she sang and played around my “jazzy styling”, as she called it. Meanwhile, I recorded my own voice singing harmony, and then Jen put it all together. It’s amazing the things you can do with a coupla instruments, iphones, GarageBand and time to play.

The results of how it all came together surprised us both with what feels, to us, like we’re singing in an old juke joint from 100 years ago around 2am. It’s a little “off”. A little strange (just the way we like it.) And a whole lot of awesome because it was so much fun to do, and is a reflection of how well we work together, and complement one another.

Doing something just for the fun of it, and seeing it through to the end, feels like a success in itself. And that’s the reason we want to share our song here with you today, to inspire you to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, for no real reason other than the fact that you’ve always wanted to do it.

So, without further ado, introducing the first ever song by The Maven Sounds (we had to pick a band name, of course), I present for your listening pleasure, People Are Strange:

The Maven Sounds

And to go along with the song, we thought it the perfect time to share some of these pics from the photoshoot we had recently with Bettie Newell, our photographer friend (and past guest maven!) with an awesome eye for capturing light, and moments.

Click play, scroll and enjoy! 

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

photo by Bettie Newell

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30 Responses to People are Strange – The Maven Sounds

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys!!!! So great! Love the song and the photos! Jena and Jen…the A, I mean J team! <3

    • Thanks so much, Nicole!

      • Sheila Lynch says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your REAL selves with all of us-in a sense we are strangers- but you always make me feel like a friend. You guys make me smile. Much love and gratitude, Sheila.

        • Yay! Sheila, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We love to hear that people feel like we are friends, because we are! We are all in this thing together and the more connections that are made the better. Thanks for connecting back with us! – Jen

  2. Liz says:

    yes! follow the signs! I love the song & the photos are beautiful – I especially love the last two. I admire your courage to try + share something new!

  3. Brandy says:

    What!? You guys! That was crazy good. I mean, it was slightly awkward like a baby lamb, but fresh and cool. You took a huge risk and it worked. And posting the photos gave us the entire experience. I am so inspired because I’ve been fretting about doing something out of my comfort zone lately. I’m starting a new podcast on July 4th and I’m freaked out, but I’m just going for it because it just seems right to me! Canadian Quilt Talk on iTunes July 4th. Thanks for bringing me a smile today.

    • Haha, that’s a perfect analogy! Thanks so much for the awesome comment and yay for being inspired to get ouf of your comfort zone. Good luck with the podcast, you’ll do great!

  4. Ana TheFlame says:

    so it’s “playtime” at the mavens. yay! that is so great! looove it! thanks for sharing! :D
    I love taking time to play my guitar and singing as well. even more when i’m in a big production mode; it just kind of relieves the tension and brings everything back in perspective.
    thanks for everything ladies :D

    • Yay! Thanks for listening, Ana! Glad to hear from a fellow tinkerer of strings/keys- you’re right, we both have been using music lately too as a way to release and get back to now. Thanks for saying hello!

  5. awesome!! do you guys have tour-dates yet?? :)

  6. Tara says:

    Great song — I remember it well! Good job on playing and having fun at it, that’s what it’s all about. The pictures are great as well. Makes me want to jump in the frame and play right along with you!

  7. Lea says:

    Omg, I love it! It’s so cool to hear you guys doing something like this–I seriously admire your guts!

    • Thanks, Lea! It was so cool to get to know this side of Jena and for her to get to know my musical style. I’m just so surprised that our styles fit so well together. Thanks for listening! – Jen

  8. Jo says:

    Four words: The Voice auditions now!

  9. julz says:

    wow! i’m always surprised by you two. happily impressed & surprised! and now you leave me excited to hear one day in person! also – perfect song choice ;) xo!

  10. Rachel says:

    Well done ladies ;) I thought that was fab’! You sound great together.

  11. Andrea says:

    Super! I love the sound you create together.

  12. Mary Palmer says:

    very nice! The blending of your voices is superb…keep it going. Can’t wait for the CD.

  13. Kerry says:

    AWESOME! I love The Doors and am blown away by your version. I think it is so flippin fantastic that you did this! Keep em coming!

  14. Christine says:

    So…I love this song. In junior high, my two friends Chelsea and Andrea and I used to link arms and walk around our school singing People are Strange. This version sounds amazing – love the harmonies!! And the humming! Love the great new photos too! ROCK ON!!!

  15. Caique says:

    When something is done with love the result is always positive. I can tell you were having fun while doing it. Awesome picture under the bridge btw! ;)

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