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Take the Maven Pledge!

The Maven Circle is a movement of people on the path to becoming who we truly are.

We’re a community of creative minds striving to find more presence, balance and buy viagra generic'>buy viagra generic fulfillment in everyday.

Hi! We’re Jen & Jena, and we are Mavens! We believe we are all mavens (or “experts”) at something, or in other words, that we’re all here for a reason. 

Personally, Jen and I think we’re here on the planet to help motivate, inspire and support others in trusting themselves and creating changes to live a more awesome, fulfilling life!

But we need your help to truly make it a MOVEMENT.

So, we created this pledge as a reminder of what it means, to us, to be a MAVEN!

Are you a MAVEN? (we bet you are!) Take the pledge!

:    {in blue}    {in orange}

This is a pledge to ourselves, to honor the person we are becoming each day by trusting in our own inner awesome!

This is a pledge to our loved ones, our community, and the world, that we vow to be ourselves and to push through the obstacles that stand in the we use it cost of cialis way of living our most awesome lives.

PRINT OUT. FILL OUT. & SHOW US YOUR SMILING MAVEN FACE WITH YOUR PLEDGE ON FB, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM @themavencircle, or email a pic to us at hello{at} and we’ll add you to cialis online no prescription our wall below!

We’ll add your pledge pic, along with a link to your website, to our roster below of a growing movement of people who want to make their worlds, and the world, a better place!