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Truthy Tuesday: An Artist on Getting Unstuck & Following Her Creative Calling

alena hennessy truthy tuesday

{by guest maven, Alena Hennessy}

Often times in life we get comfortable to our own grooves.

Without even realizing it, years pass, and family, society, personal relationships influence us, often times on sub-conscious levels, and patterns within us are made. Our soul carries these experiences and we allow ourselves to become comfortable in what we know, acting out what life has revealed to us. That is why living an uncommon life, one that asks us to step out of our comfort zone, back into the realm of possibility and true purpose, is both exciting and pretty vulnerable.

It’s an interesting thing I have found about life- as young children we are often never stuck or without that pure zeal and passion for existence. We live in that flow, or moment to moment awareness of the magic that sits right in front of you. So the well of inspiration is rarely dry, and being yourself is not something to strive for, its just what you do.

Remember how that felt? Sure, there was sometimes fear but also, there was pure joy. It’s the process of becoming an adult: responsible, mature, accepted, liked, popular, cool, successful…that gets our minds a little fuzzy, or forgetful of our true nature. The outside world and what others think become incredibly important, and we may forget just what made us tick to begin with.

Art by Alena Hennessy

Hummingbird by Alena Hennessy

So for me, I have been making art ever since I was four. I would spend hours and hours drawing fantastical worlds and drawn out narratives on blank sheets of paper. It’s just what I did and I loved it. Sometime later in high school and in the early college years, that artist went away and other things became a priority. I am not saying that did not need to happen, or was not part of my own evolution, but the artist was definitely in the backseat.

Somehow along the way though, later in college, I began to do the morning pages as prescribed by Julia Cameron. Pretty quickly I discovered how much I loved to make art, how I still found myself drawn to it, and how I slowly realized a degree in Education was really not what I wanted to do.

So, I did the unthinkable and got a degree in Fine Art. This was unusual for me because as much as I have a wild and free spirit, I am also very practical. I decided I would worry about what I would do for a living later on (I had some ideas, many of them involving a Master’s degree) but for now, this is what my soul called for me to do.

Art by Alena Hennessy

Art by Alena Hennessy

Today, I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I took that brave step. My book, Cultivating Your Creative Life, discusses many of these things, including ways to deeply tap into your most inherent creative self as well as how to support and make a living as an artist. Since 2005, I have been a full time artist, teacher, author, and designer and I simply cannot imagine doing anything else. I love to move people, to inspire them to greater heights, and to allow them to find their own unique voice and visual language.

I also have a new book coming out this year (still a secret!) and find myself doing what I love everyday and being true to that inner muse and what moves her. I adore that muse, I want to keep her happy. If she’s feeling good, my work will flow and flourish. So I do lots of self care, nature walks, artist dates, and even collaborative projects. I also love to share and inspire, so my online workshop is a dream come true.

One of my most simple little tricks for becoming unstuck (which is actually a pretty big one) is to practice gratitude. So everyday I make an effort to remember just how grateful I am for all the love in my life, both creatively and personally. Gratitude is a magic trick, it often gives you more things to be grateful for.

alena hennessyAlena Hennessey does what she loves best, living life as a working artist, author, and teacher. She is deeply inspired to teach others the creative process and to find their own unique voice though art making. She also has a passion for yoga, plant spirit medicine, and the healing arts. She has designed and created custom art for numerous business entities and her prints and giftwares can be found through out the US and abroad.

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3 Responses to Truthy Tuesday: An Artist on Getting Unstuck & Following Her Creative Calling

  1. Michele says:

    Perfectly put. Just what I needed. The vulnerability part is so isolating and paralyzing it can stop us in our tracks, or it can be a time to look inside and see what we are made of.

  2. Jennifer M. says:

    Aggh! I keep reading about these Morning Pages. I think they are calling to me to do them. I tried once but only managed a day or two. Does it really help a lot?

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