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Truthy Tuesday: There Will Be No Control + Alt + Deleting 2013

#truthytuesday with Mayi Carles

{By Guest Maven, Mayi Carles}

New Years Resolutionistist + optimists and “this time I really really mean it folks”, I know you’re out there. I’ve seen you during my Life is Messy voyages, away from the safe harbor + I have a feeling you’re seeking your next great adventure.

It’s the winds… the perfect conditions to pick the viagra soft tabs word of the year, apparently. The time to arrivederci the old you + olé the new you that fits into your skinny bikini, no pressure. The season to buy the latest Insanity workout + promise the world miracles, Hallelujah!

It’s like a beautifully orchestrated collective resurrection.

But to be totally honest with you, I have no desire for wipeouts + start overs. I don’t even think I have the cognitive pixie dust + Energizer bunny adrenaline to carry me through another grand metamorphosis.

Sorry I just turned 30.

I’m exhausted of big overhauls + 30 day detoxes + declutter-thons + never-ever-again plans. I’m much more in the mood for:

…staying in my PJ’s a little bit longer to find my lost prayers.

…drinking more watermelon juice hoping it’s sweet enough to satisfy my cupcake cravings.

…buying organic shampoo + conditioner because I can finally afford it.

…playing Iron Chef with hubby to discover our own love recipes + marinating more kisses.

…sipping more tea while day dreaming. (Notice Facebook + Twitter are not invited to the where can i buy real levitra'>where can i buy real levitra tea party).

…recollecting old photo albums + celebrating memories + Instagraming new ones.

…forgiving, one by one, those who have hurt me so I can focus my energy on staying creative + positive + focused on the projects that make me happy.

…wearing sun screen.

…starting a (shower) band. Members: Me.

Microscopic tune ups + gentle shifts. Kind + easy upgrades. Doable + slip-friendly. Steady. Soaring.

Tiny steps to create big tsunamis of change over time.

In 2013, I won’t be clicking the Control + Alt + Delete button or RSVPing for the reboot race. They will be no force quitting, no epic kick-starting. Only longer stops (for a massage) + sharper detours (for starry bonfires) + messier days (for playground adventures) + more love (for babies… or a puppy, who knows).

Sometimes, I’ll be ahead. Others, behind. The race is long…

Wait, what race?

Don’t wait up at the finish line, I’m taking the scenic route.

xo, Mayi Carles


mayidotMayi Carles is a tiny Panamanian artist with a T-Rex heart. Current obsession: Party props + pandas + Red Velvets. Uniform of choice: Her paint-stained Eeyore pajamas. Hidden talent: Singing in the shower. Where she makes people laugh + feel loved + turbocharge their piggy banks: Heartmade Blog.

We’d love to cheap cialis no prescription'>cheap cialis no prescription hear from you! Did this get you thinking about your own expectations for the year, or about the pace you’re running at? Think you need to adjust anywhere?

2 Responses to Truthy Tuesday: There Will Be No Control + Alt + Deleting 2013

  1. Coral says:

    For me, I got way beyond my ‘over it point’ before I found the courage to go after my dream to start a business. Where I couldn’t see a way before, the over it factor let me see I could do it. And then I wanted it, now! Patience is not one of my virtues. I want so much and I overload myself to try and make it happen.

    But I’m trying to enjoy the adventure as I go along. To not do everything with a sense of urgency. That I have to do it all overnight.

    I took two weeks off from my day job and my dream life over Christmas/New Year and I have found so much more clarity and calmness than if I had just kept forcing ahead a 100 miles an hour.

    I think I might need to take the pressure off while still moving forward. To enjoy what I am working on in the moment instead of generic viagra 100mg charging towards the next thing, trying to get it all done.

    Thanks for the reminder, Mayi.

    • Hi Coral, thanks for reading! Glad the post spoke to you, I love Mayi. And I’m so glad you got some time out recently to really sit still and get clear about what you want- it makes all the difference and cialis cheap I know you’ll feel that going forward. Keep it up and enjoy the ride, you’re doing great and we’re so glad to hear how things are going for you! -jena

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