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Truthy Tuesday: When too many negatives get in the way of self-care


{By guest maven, Kerry Sweeney Burki}

Ah, self-care. What a challenging concept at times!

Jena and best price for levitra'>best price for levitra Jen told me that they were going to be focusing on wow)) buy cheap viagra it this month and asked if I would share my experience of viagra online canada self-care (or lack of) in relation to my cross-country move this past year.

Last summer we found out we were moving from Chicago, IL back to my hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. This is something we had been daydreaming about for a few years so it was exciting, but also exhausting. We put our house on the market, had to get out of the (clean) house for showings, pack it all up and drive for 4 days with our two little boys and two cats. All of this, plus saying goodbye to dear friends and family while moving during the holidays was very stressful.

Some days I just wanted to lie down, or have a drink, or (gasp!) smoke a cigarette. I would then beat myself up mentally for even thinking these things, or worse, acting on them.

This became a repeating pattern especially during that last crazy month before we moved. I was amazed at how quickly everything I knew went out the window. I am a yoga teacher after all! I kept focusing on the negatives or what I was considering to only best offers cialis drug be negative. I did not focus on the times I called my best friend or my mom for guidance. I did not focus on the times I took deep breaths and did yoga. I did not focus on the fact that I had taken on a huge task and was getting it done.

There will always be something going in my life, even when it is not a big move.

Sometimes it seems easy to focus on the negative in relation to my actions and reactions. Does this happen to you? It kind of drives me crazy and makes it very difficult to administer self-care.

Now I enjoy journaling and surrounding myself with inspirational quotes, but since the quotes don’t actually reference my life and I have a tendency not to go back and read the positive things I wrote in my journal, I decided to create a “Focus on the Positive” printable.

By writing down and being visually reminded of the positive things in my life, I think it will be easier to celebrate them and worry less about the negatives.

focus on the positive, free printable

I plan on writing down everything from kisses from my little boys to taking major steps in my business. I also want to write down positive things said about me (I always seem to forget those) and positive things I learn about myself too.

I hope that by focusing on the positive I can start a shift in my thinking and viagra best price'>viagra best price my mindset that creates a more nurturing environment for myself. So, if you are anything like me and this sounds good to you, I hope you will use this printable to help you focus on the positives in your life too!

Hang it up with some cute washi tape or on your fridge with a favorite magnet. Make sure you have a pen or pencil nearby and if you have a partner or family be sure focus on their positives too!

kerryburkidotKerry recently moved back to Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, two little boys, and two cats. She loves teaching yoga to every age and supports handmade artists as the editor of Handmade Success. She is excited to get involved in her new community and explore everything Arizona has to express levitra delivery'>express levitra delivery offer. She is a huge fan of vintage, learning new vegetarian recipes and cuddling with her boys. Learn more about her at She also shares yoga tips, free printables, handmade finds and family photos on her blog.

7 Responses to Truthy Tuesday: When too many negatives get in the way of self-care

  1. Jordan says:

    It is so easy to fall down the negativity rabbit hole. Last year my lack of viagra to order'>viagra to order self-care took a physical toll on me and I had to regroup and establish new habbits. Thanks for sharing this great worksheet and article!

  2. Shelly Kerry says:

    Kerry thanks so much for sharing. Moving can be really difficult! I hope you also spoiled yourself rotten!
    I notice I tend to become negative when I am nervous – even before going to a doctors appointment I can begin to lose my control. Sometimes it takes me a while to recognize why I am being negative and to be really honest pretty cranky but it usually always due to having to do something I really don’t want to do or because I am nervous and scared. Last week I was uncomfortable about having my first mammogram and the night before I noticed myself being a complete beast. I took a few moments to ask why, recognized what it could be and then tried really hard to be grateful for the fact that I have health care and that we have the ability to run such exams. That and cialis online 50mgs'>cialis online 50mgs some deep breathing totally helped!
    I am going to try to use your template every time I start to feel triggered. Could be cool to do this in journal form and then perhaps look to levitra by mail'>levitra by mail see what patterns develop.
    Thanks for being you Kerry!!!!

    • Kerry says:

      I totally agree! I tend to know the types of negatives I focus on but it will be interesting to notice the types positive things I write down. I definitely get cranky when I have something to do that I don’t want to do. I think it is so cool that you noticed you were upset and asked yourself why. We all need to pause and take the time to do this more!

  3. Nicole Brown says:

    “In all things give thanks”. Sometimes the hardest of questions and the worst situations have the simplest answers. Staying positive is viagra side effects'>viagra side effects key.

    Thank you!

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