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We’re Rebootin’, We Don’t Believe In Resolutin’

happy new year

Hi Mavens, Happy New Year! We hope you’re settling into the new year and feeling good about a clean fresh year to make your mark on!

Maybe you’ve already set some New Year’s resolutions, or maybe you’ve already broken one. And then again, maybe you’re like us and don’t even do the resolution thing anymore.

No matter whether you’ve set resolutions for the year or not, we’ve got a cool activity that we’re calling a reboot as an alternative, or in addition to, your New Year’s resolutions.

A reboot is a way to clear out the buy cialis generic old, and make room for the new.

Just like when you reboot a computer, you’re clearing out that old cache and RAM so that it can operate on a higher level and focus its energy on what it needs to we choice best online viagra do. This exercise is like a reboot to your psyche so you can clear out the old stuff that’s held you back, to better focus on what you need to do to create the life you want.

Our reboot is fun (and involves fire!) and takes only 3 steps, which we’re calling the 3 R’s. All to be explained in this episode of the Maven Minutes (that’s what we’ve decided to call our video series- whattya think?)

Ready to reboot for the year ahead? We’ll show you how!

This can be a very powerful exercise. It’s one that can even be done with friends- what a cool thing to share with a friend! Happy rebooting, Mavens!

We’d love to recommended site best cialis prices hear what you think about the 3 Rs in the comments below! And tell us, what are some things you’d like to release this year? And some things you’d like to bring in? Let’s talk!


8 Responses to We’re Rebootin’, We Don’t Believe In Resolutin’

  1. Becky says:

    Aw, I love this idea! 2012 was pretty awesome, so my pile of papers to burn would be pretty small, luckily! This year, I just want to be the best mom I can for this baby and sort out my new work/life balance once he gets here. I’ve been trying to simplify my freelance schedule since late last year, but there’s more fat-trimming and schedule-rearranging to do!

    • Becky, we wish you tons of luck and love with your new baby and that it’s as smooth a transition as it can be. Glad last year was good to you. Wishing you lots of goodness in the new year! – Jen

  2. Coral says:

    Happy New Year Jen and only today viagra for women Jena! I just have a feeling 2013 is gonna be a great one. Like something great is coming. I’ve been getting “RID” of stuff over my holidays. Things that make my life feel cluttered – stuff in my house, stuff that has been in the to do pile for far too long, business things that get in the way of the good stuff. Simplicity seems to be a theme for me for 2013. Feels so nice.

    I’ve got a couple of goals this year – one is really cool and feels very doable. The other is a big one that is going to take a lot of dedication. I’ve also figured out a way to make all that to do stuff not quite so big and scary and daunting (and un-fun).

    I like the viagra overnight idea of reboot rather than resolute – and that fact you find each other so funny :) And a special appearance of the ukelele!

    • Thanks, Coral. Yes, Jena and I crack each other up constantly. We really “get” each other’s humor. I totally agree with you and I think Jena would too, it feels like something great is on the horizon this year. Glad you’re getting rid of things. I’m doing this too! It feels so good to be done with things that no longer “fit” our lifestyle.

      BTW, I’m hoping to bring in the uke more often to enter site viagra our outtakes I’ve been playing now for a few weeks- when we recorded this I hadn’t started playing yet- and I’m getting pretty decent at it quickly, so I think there will be lots more opportunities for ukulele playing! Lots of luck to you in the new year, Coral! – Jen

  3. Aaaahhhhh!!! Love this and love you ladies! You are overflowing with wonderful ideas. 2013 is off to a great start. I’ve decided to focus on the little things so that each and link for you generic viagra professional every day can be a happy one. For a large part of 2012, I was doing the opposite, dwelling on crap and feeling sorry for myself. Barf! I love the idea of physically burning the baggage and am looking forward to diving into that activity. As long as we are still alive and kicking, the gloom can be managed–we have an opportunity to chase it away whether its just a few raindrops getting us down or a full on torrential downpour that has us feeling cornered. The idea of being reborn bright, healthy and new is cheap cialis order online beautiful! If we focus on health and happiness, we can’t go wrong <3

    • Nicole, we couldn’t agree with you more! Yes, it’s all about focusing on what we have and what is good, rather than the few things we do without. I love the being reborn part of this exercise too. What’s crazy is you’ll find after doing the activity that you feel lighter and the best site viagra prescription freer. It might be all psychological, but if it works, you can’t argue with the results. Lots of luck to you in bringing all sorts of viagra tablets greatness to yourself this year, Nicole! – Jen

  4. maslinda says:

    Hey Mavens, l love your approach so much! you are truly inspiring:)

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