5 Types of Stress Apps

Technology rules most parts of our everyday life now. Although these modern wonders have helped us to be more organized and productive, they can also add more stress to our lives as we are unable to escape the fast paced world we live in.


As well as being able to respond to your boss within 5 minutes, or scrolling enviously through someone’s Caribbean holiday paradise photos, while you sit on a crowded train on your way home from work, you can also use your smartphone to help you deal with stress and anxiety.


Relaxing Sounds

There are plenty of apps available that will play you music or sounds to help you take your mind off the day and find your happy place. If there is a specific sound you are looking for, the chances are, it is available. From waves to rain, pan pipes to flute tunes or even white noise or and oscillating fan, there is so much available. The apps will have a setting so that you can decide how long the music plays for. Allowing you to fall asleep whilst listening and turning off automatically after a set time.


Breathing Guides

When we get stressed and anxious, one of the first things that happens to us is that our breathing becomes shallow. Taking a deep breath and lowering your shoulders, can often bring you back into the moment and make you realize just how much you have wound up your body and mind.

Anytime is a good time to do some breathing excercises, so these apps are great little tools to carry around with you should you need them.  Practicing these breathing techniques make a complete shift in your mind and body and enable you to relax and be calm.


Sleep Cycle

If you have difficulty getting to sleep at night, this can really ramp up your stress and anxiety. This is due to chemicals in the brain that react if we are tired. It makes it more difficult for us to cope with situations and to think clearly. The tiredness often leads us to crave high sugar snacks and drinks, which will then have you dipping back down into exhaustion hours later. So ensuring you get enough sleep is something that can really impact your life in a big way.

Sleep Cycle apps work as a smart alarm clock.  They track your sleep using your phone’s sensors and will wake you up during your lightest sleep phase. This ensures that so you don’t wake up feeling groggy. You will get detailed graphs that show you how you sleep which allow you to analyze how certain factors are affecting your sleep.


5 – 10 Minute Workouts

With our busy and hectic lives we don’t always find time to go to the gym or set aside an hour for a workout. These quick workout apps allow you to get into some high intensity exercise quickly and effectively.


Mood Trackers

Sometimes there are obvious patterns in our mood changes but we are unable to see them for ourselves. By downloading a mood tracker app, you can monitor how you are feeling and see if any triggers become apparent. Then you can work to avoid them in the future.