Top Stress Busters You Can Start Using Today

I have yet to meet someone who has never felt stress. It happens to us all, but if you want to experience a stress free life, it’s going to take some lifestyle changes. Are you ready for that?


Here are the best stress busters, which will hit stress where it hurts.


  1. Relaxation Techniques


From a five minute deep breathing exercise, to an hour of meditation, having a few relaxation techniques up your sleeve for unexpected stressful situation can make a huge difference in it’s effect on you and how you cope with it. There are plenty of apps on your phone if you want a quick fix or guided exercises.


  1. Talking


There is a difference between talking and gossiping. Make sure you approach the conversation from the right angle otherwise you will find yourself getting more stressed than you were when you started. If someone has acted in a way that has caused you stress, don’t talk about what they have done and if they are right or wrong. Accept what has happened and decide how you are going to deal with it yourself.


  1. Just Say No


If you are going to agree to everything people ask from you then you must prepare yourself for a life of misery. You must learn to say no to people. Be realistic and if you are squeezing in too much then you will need to let something go. Otherwise not only will your stress levels increase, but you will never feel satisfied with yourself and will be unable to complete any tasks to a satisfactory level. Be kind and fair to yourself and don’t presume people know what is going on in your life when they make a request.


  1. Don’t Work When You Are Sick


No-one is going to thank you for turning up to work when you are sick, so take time off when you are not well. You will recover much quicker in the long run and put less stress on your body overall. You may only have symptoms of illness in one area, but your whole body will be working to get you well again. So rest it, all of it.


  1. Time Management


It can be difficult to find time to arrange your time, but it will make so much difference if you do. Make a list of what you need to do and its deadline and work to that. It will also help you know if you have time to accept a task when you are asked to do it. Be realistic when allocating time to a task and if you complete it in less time you can use the remaining time to relax.

  1. Stimulants


It’s so tempting to think a cup of coffee or an energy drink will get us through, but if you are tired, you need to rest. Taking caffeine during the day can also affect the quality of your sleep so you will find yourself getting into situation where you cure your tiredness with the coffee, which is causing the poor sleep quality.